Doppelseitiges Klebeband, transparent, 50m Rolle Produktbild Front View L

Doppelseitiges Klebeband, transparent, 50m Rolle

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Beneftis:  - Simple and fast solution for optical measurements  - High transparency, ideal for transmitted light  - Excellent adaptability  - Residue free removal Application: Acrylic high-performance adhesive tapes are suitable for self-adhesive fixation of different materials on optical measuring instruments. The adhesive tapes have a very high transparency and are very suitable when a residue-free removal is required. The ideal solution if you want to quickly mount something on the machine table and cannot do without the possibility of transmitted light. The double-sided adhesive tape consists of a polyester film backing coated on both sides with acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesives of different tack. The pressure-sensitive adhesive on the open side of the tape is characterized by high temperature resistance, high tack and insensitivity to moisture. The covered pressure-sensitive adhesive can be easily removed again from many material surfaces without leaving any residue. Product information: - Double sided adhesive tape - Thickness: 0.1 mm(L x W) 50 m x 19 mm - Adhesive force covered side: after 1 min 6 N/25 mm, after 20 min 7 N/25 mm, after 24 h 8 N/25 mm - Adhesive strength open side: after 1 min 16 N/25 mm, after 20 min 18 N/25 mm, after 24 h 20 N/25 mm Scope of delivery: - 1 roll (50 m) double-sided adhesive tape transparent Product note: Resistant to UV radiation, aging, plasticizers, solvents, temperature and weather resistant.

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