CMM Extensions

During the tactile measurement of a workpiece, many features may be difficult to access. For these cases a stylus extension can be used. While metal extensions are acceptable for touch trigger sensors, carbon fiber is a better choice for tactile scanning sensors.

  • M5 CFX® extensions
    M5 CFX® extensions
    ZEISS REACH CFX® M5 extensions are designed for ZEISS VAST/VAST Gold sensors
  • M3 XXT CFX® extensions
    M3 XXT CFX® extensions
    ZEISS REACH CFX® 1, M3 XXT extensions. Designed for the ZEISS VAST XXT measuring sensor
  • M3 REN extensions
    M3 REN extensions
    M3 extensions suitable for M3 tactile sensors
  • M2 extensions
    M2 extensions
    M2 extensions suitable for M2 tactile sensors
  • M5 CFX® plate extensions
    M5 CFX® plate extensions
    Extensions adapted directly to the adapter plate provide higher performance and better accuracy
  • M5 Titanium extension
    M5 Titanium extension
    Use as intermediate connections for lengths of 30 mm or less
  • M5 pro CFX® extensions
    M5 pro CFX® extensions
    ZEISS REACH CFX® M5 pro extensions for faster and reliable assembly