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OmniFix CT 3 jaw chuck Ø35

175,10 €excl. VAT

The 3-jaw chuck Ø35 made of plastic allows round products to be clamped easily and quickly. The absence of metal leads to a maximum minimization of artifacts and interference factors. The plastic, with its low density, is particularly suitable for metallic products. The sealing ratio between metal and plastic results in very good contrast when radiographed.

In combination with the bending element 626170-0011-156 (not included in delivery), the parts can be brought into the machine at the best possible angle.

  • - Low weight - Optimal contrast when radiating through metal parts - No damage to sensitive components - No tools required

Plastic jaw chuck with reversible jaws for internal and external clamping.

  • Outside diameter 35 mm
  • Internal clamping (8 - 35 mm)
  • External clamping (1 - 40 mm)

Scope of delivery: 1 x plastic jaw 3 reversing jaws Set of fixing screws M4 (plastic and metal)

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