50mm Elevators for OMEGA pallets product photo Front View L
50mm Elevators for OMEGA pallets product photo

Optical-tactile CMM

50mm Elevators for OMEGA pallets

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For sensors that have a short measurement distance and cannot reach workpieces on the glass plate, the workpieice can be elevated. The Elevators for OMEGA pallets can be used to raise OMEGA pallets by 50 mm. Can be used with O-INSPECT 3/2/2, O-INSPECT 5/4/3, O-INSPECT 8/6/3 and O-DETECT 3/2/2 and O-DETECT 5/4/3. Simply replace the existing three-point supports with the elevators and screw them into the existing recesses for three-point supports.

  • Measure work pieces at a higher level
  • Simplification of required fixtures
  • Use of existing pallets with fixtures if the measuring distance from sensor to workpiece is too large.
Length (L)
50,0 mm

Elevates OMEGA pallets on O-DETECT, O-INSPECT

  • Raises pallet height in Z-direction by 50 mm

Scope of delivery: 1 set = 3 raising columns Fixing screws

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