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XRM Check, calibrated product photo


XRM Check, calibrated

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ZEISS has developed a test specimen and programmed software that allows calibration of the 5 mm field of view (FOV) according to the specifications of the VDI/VDE 2630 guidelines. This new package, Metrology Extension (MTX) for Xradia Versa, includes a workflow consisting of a user-performed calibration routine followed by user scans using a custom Scout and Scan (SS) control system. Once the MTX calibration workflow is executed, the system can perform high-precision and high-precision dimensional measurements in small volumes.

  • 22 high-precision ruby balls glued to 3.9mm diameter in the room
  • Calibration uncertainty ≤ 0,08µm
  • Includes mounting for autoloaders for easy positioning on your versa
product type

Test specimen XRM-Check, for Xradia 520 Versa, Xradia 620 Versa

  • incl. 22 balls (diameter 300 µm), with CFRP shank and basic body usable on systems with and without autoloaders

Test body for testing a Xradia Versa system, for determining the ball center distance error (SD) according to VDI/VDE2630 part 1.3, consisting of a rigid holder with precise ruby balls, which are fitted on the one ball base body made of quartz glass.

Included with the supply

  • Protective cover (acrylic glass)
  • USB media with Calibration certificate (highly accurate tactile measurement), CALYPSO test plan, operating instructions
  • Transport case

Product note

For the complete metrological calibration of your Xradia Versa, you also need the evaluation software and instruction by ZEISS. This article is only the hardware required to qualify the meter.

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