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METROTOM Check Set micro product photo


METROTOM Check Set micro

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The CT Check Micro is used for intermediate testing METROTOM 800 and METROTOM 6 Scout machines according to VDI/VDE 2630

The accuracy monitoring of your measuring device gives you confidence in your measurement values and security for the next quality audit. Every measuring instrument should be regularly monitored according to the ISO 9000 standard series. Using a CALYPSO measurement plan and MS-Excel , an evaluating between calibration values and measured values are compared. The process is straightforward and fast, so that you can check your Metrotom within a short time without additional training. 22 spheres are positioned in the measuring volume allowing to evaluate 25 measuring lengths distributed for VDI 2630 compliance.

  • Especially stiff holder for devices with lifting table
  • VDI 2630 compliant test specimens enable audible monitoring
  • including DAkkS calibration
  • robust plastic hard case
  • Approved by ZEISS Service, for consistent accuracy checking along the system life cycle
product type

Test specimen METROTOM check micro, for METROTOM 800

  • incl. 22 Spheres, diameter 5 mm, with ThermoFit shank

Test body for the interim testing of a CT system, for determining the deviation SD according to VDI/VDE 2630, consisting of a flexurally rigid device with Precision balls mounted on a base plate of Invar Included in delivery

  • Acrylic glass cover
  • CALYPSO test plan on a data carrier
  • Operating instructions
  • DAkkS calibration including certificate
  • Transport case

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