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Ring light (diffuse) for O-DETECT

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Illumination is the key to a stable and reproducible optical measurement. The ring light (diffuse) is the perfect complement to the ring light (standard). The integrated diffuser disc enables uniform, homogeneous illumination of the workpiece surface. In this way, high reflecting surfaces, such as polished metal surfaces or glass, can be illuminated homogeneously and reproducibly. Thanks to the integrated exchangeable interface on ZEISS O-DETECT, the user can remove the lighting manually or replace it with another lighting.

  • Ring light with diffuser
  • equipped with blue LEDs
  • working distance 45mm
  • manual exchange of the ring light by the customer
  • suitable for ZEISS O-DETECT 3/2/2 and ZEISS O-DETECT 5/4/3

Ring light for interface O-DETECT Useable for O-DETECT 543 and O-DETECT 322

Scope of delivery: 1 set = 1 ring light (diffuse) for O-DETECT in a plastic case

Product note

After the illumination has been linearized once, the light source can be exchanged at will.

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