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Clamping tools accessories

OmniFix Pins Set

325,00 €excl. VAT

Suitable for all OmniFix metrologist vises Wide range of clamping options Better accessibility due to higher clamping horizontal clamping of cylindrical partsApplication:Clamping pins expand the clamping possibilities of standard clamping devices enormously. The pins are 20 mm longer than the standard pins and thus ensure a greater distance between the top of the jaw and the component. However, not only the better accessibility is an advantage, but also the possibility to clamp complex geometries in a simple and standardized way.

Among other things, this set offers the possibility of horizontal clamping of cylindrical components with maximum accessibility. The enclosed unmachined pins can be used as a stop and for internal machining.

product type
  • Outer dimensions: Ø4 x 50 mm
  • Height above jaw top: 37 mm

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 set = 4 pins with step (3mm)
  • 1 set = 4 double stepped pins (Ø1 x 1 mm and Ø2 x 5 mm)
  • 1 set = 2 prism jaws right
  • 1 set = 2 prism jaws left
  • 1 set = 2 unmachined pins - length 60 mm

Product note

Locating holes in the respective vice jaws must be checked regularly for dirt or damage to ensure easy clearance-free insertion of the pins.

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